The perfect lighting for your home, your company, your shop, your office.
(problem) Does a cube have 8 sides?


Designed to be Ecological, Customizable, Reliable, Comfortable, Efficient and Evolutionary.
Designed to be better in all aspects that define the next generation of lighting systems.



- One geometry, multiple configurations.
- Warm White (2700K) or natural light (5000K)
- LED Matrix technology (Reliability)
- Proven durability (LM80)
- Super SLIM (2mm thick)
- Digital control (optional)



OctoWIDE™ lighting system is built around small octagonal "light units", currently available in warm white and cool white, with several power levels to choose from. This innovative design allows to combine them in various ways, creating settings that let you replace any bulb. Each "light unit" was designed to endure a large number of hours of daily use, without sacrificing visual comfort, the durability of the product or even the energy consumption (A++).

The OctoWIDE™ lighting system has the best quality / price ratio of the market and is the best solution for demanding environments such as shops, offices, restaurants, companies, factories, warehouses... "for every problem there is always an OctoWIDE solution (regardless of the number of sides...)"

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